Body Sculpt Destock

The advanced body treatment


Body Sculpt Destock is an advanced Lipolysis treatment for stubborn areas and cellulite around the waist, thighs and buttocks. The 2 main ingredients of Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee are in vogue in the “weight control” market.

  • Formulas which are more potent and focused on types of cellulite, formats and application times. Formulas targeted at a demanding public that is looking for fast results.
  • Perfect synergy in combination with body cosmetic electrotherapy equipment (radio frequency, mesotherapy, etc.).
  • Active substances targeted specifically at “lipolysis” and at reducing the bloating sensation, “anti-water effect”.

Active Ingredients

Body Sculpt Destock - Retail Products

An advanced Lipolysis treatment

Bi-phasic Night Reducer – Oil & Tonic Night

Two-phase night reducer. Special formula STOP NOCTURNIN, the protein responsible for fat accumulation at night. Reduces orange peel skin and remodels your body contour as you sleep.

Active Ingredients 

Plankton extracts, caffeine derivative 1,5%, Carnitine 1,5%.

Suitable For

Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people sensitive to xanthines.

How To Use

Shake before use. Apply the product at night with an upward-moving massage in the direction of blood circulation until fully absorbed.

Draining Anticellulite Gel

Anti-cellulite and water retention drainer gel that improves the appearance of skins with excess volume, toning their shape. Refreshing formula with green coffee extract and mate extract. No added caffeine.

Active Ingredients 

Green coffee ext., Mate ext., Goldenrod ext.

Suitable For

Formulated for soft cellulite and to soften the contour volume.

How To Use

Apply the product morning and night, with upward circular strokes, until the product is completely absorbed.

Stubborn Areas Anticellulite Cream

Anti-cellulite cream for improving the appearance of the orange peel skin associated with stubborn cellulite. Formulated with raspberry ketones, molecules with contrasted activity for stimulating the removal of subcutaneous fat.

Active Ingredients 

Caffeine and its derivatives 2%, Carnitine 1%, Glaucine, Raspberry ketones.

Suitable For

Formulated for hard cellulite.

How To Use

Apply the product morning and night, with upward circular strokes, until the product is completely absorbed. Not recommended for pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers or people who are sensitive to caffeine and xanthines.

Body Sculpt Destock

Advanced Fat - Burning Treatment

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Duration And Frequency:

The treatment lasts for about 75 minutes per session. One weekly session is recommended during a period of at least 6 consecutive weeeks.

Step 1 – Radiofrequency Factor With Warming Effect

  • Apply to stubborn areas (abdomen, buttocks and hip areas). Massage energetically into these areas to boost the metabolism.

Step 2 – Ultrasonic Factor With Fat Burning Effect

  • Apply to areas with orange-peel skin. As an alternative, vehiculise with hydroelectrophoresis using the SkEYNDOR MESOSCIENCE equipment at negative polarity.

Step 3 – Body Contouring Massage Wrap

  • Extend the wrap and work with sculpting massage movements. After the massage, apply the rest of the wrap and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes