After over 20 years of continued research, SKEYNDOR has reinvented its POWER C range: an innovative line that exalts the antioxidant power of vitamin C, ensuring that your skin is at its most radiant. Now, with triple ANTIOXIDANT ACTION 35% and a higher concentration of this extraordinary vitamin (25%). Discover the new generation of SKEYNDOR POWER C+.

A unique cocktail of antioxidant ingredients

Stabilised vitamin C derivatives

They stimulate cellular metabolism and the production of collagen. They have an antioxidant effect and reduce the damage caused by UV rays. They reduce the synthesis of melanin and lighten spots. The result: radiant, firm and youthful skin, full of energy and vitality.

Pomegranate HG extract

Rich in vitamins and tannins, it has great antioxidant power. It protects the skin from free radicals and prevents the appearance of age spots. The skin is suppler.

Acai HG extract

It reduces the effects of cellular oxidation, hydrating the skin and making it suppler. It nourishes, protects and repairs. It evens out the skin tone.

Skeyndor, a pioneering brand in vitamin C cosmetic treatments

Since the launch of its first vitamin C cosmetic line in 1997, SKEYNDOR has embraced the benefits of this vitamin in all its lines. There are currently 77 brand formulas that contain vitamin C and SKEYNDOR uses 7 ascorbic acid-based molecules. With the launch of high-absorption ionisable vitamin C, SKEYNDOR has become a leading brand on the professional European market.

Power C+ Products

The Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant Combination Ever Created


Specially formulated for the eye contour, it helps to decongest the eyelids and eye bags and smooth small expression lines. Its strong antioxidant power prevents skin ageing. It has a “lightening effect” to illuminate the expression.


A serum with a triple antioxidant action that acts as a shield against skin photoaging. It provides an intense “light effect” to the skin. It increases the production of collagen and evens out age spots.

ENERGIZING CREAM SPF15. Normal to Dry skins

A day cream with high absorption Vitamin C and pomegranate extract; an anti-oxidant combination for a glowing, more radiant effect. Its formula illuminates and unifies the skin tone.

ENERGIZING EMULSION SPF15. Combination to oily skins

A facial emulsion with high absorption Vitamin C and pomegranate extract; an anti-oxidant combination for a glowing, more radiant effect. Its formula illuminates and unified the skin tone.

Product Application

How To Apply

New Antiox Glowing Serum – How To Apply

1. Apply the products to 5 points on the face.
2. Extend with gentle strokes in an outward direction.
3. Apply with upwards sweeping circles on the cheeks.
4. Apply with ascending circles towards the forehead.
5. Then follow with Moisturising Emulsion / Cream.


Best Gift For Yourself

Power C+ Kit


How does vitamin C benefit you? It provides an antioxidant effect and a unique light effect on the face. Perfect for preventing the premature photo-aging!

Energizing Cream / Emulsion Tube

50 ml, NP: RM 360

Antiox Glowing Serum

30 ml, NP: RM 440

5 in 1 CC Eye Perfection Contour Tube

15 ml, NP: RM 150

Power Aesthetic Treatment

Ultimate Experience Combo

Power C+ Kit – Energising, Antioxidant And Brightening


Prevents photodamage.
Anti-aging stimulates collagen synthesis.
Prevents melanin formation.
Lightens existing melanin.

Goodbye to dull & fatigue skin

Power OC+ Energizing, Antioxidant Cream/Emulsion 25 ml
Uniqcure Brighting Glow Concentrate (4 amp x 2ml)

Energizing, Antioxidant And Brightening Treatment Programme

Add on RM88 to enjoy a 2 hours Facial Session NP:RM380

Power C+ Treatment


Professional treatment designed to illuminate the skin leaving it visibly younger. Intensive light effect treatment & relentless anti-oxidant activity.