Power Oxygen

PM 2.5 anti fliter + oxygen-trapping molecule


Oxygen is needed for energy production giving the skin a healthy colour, luminosity and radiance, an abundant supply of oxygen will ensure good skin and health. Living amongst pollution will weaken the protective skin barrier, decrease antioxidant reserves and decreases the oxygen supply to the skin tissues consequently resulting in:

  • Appearance of blemishes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Lack of luminosity
  • Rough and flaccid skin
  • Acne and pimples
  • Irritation and redness

Power Oxygen Benefits

Protects your skin from environmental pollution and provides it with the oxygen it needs. For skin living in urban environments.

Purifies and eliminates the effects of pollution using advanced technology to replenish vital oxygen supplies, rejuvenate oxygen-starved, lifeless and damaged skin for a glowing, recharged healthier complexion.

Power Oxygen incorporates two pollution block protectors:

1.  PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Filter – Protects and purifies the epidermis of PM2.5 contaminants.
2. Environmental Shield – Builds a protective barrier that blocks environmental agents.

Power Oxygen also incorporates two oxygen supplies:

1. Supply of Oxygen – Oxygen is concentrated in the skin.

2. Transport of Oxygen – Tropaeolum majus (Capuchin or nasturtium) increases the internal traffic of oxygen.

Power Oxygen - Retail Products

Protects your skin from environmental pollution and provides it with the oxygen it needs.

City Pollution Barrier – Boosting serum

Serum antitoxic solution for face and neck. Its formula combines active detoxifying, antioxidant and protection against urban pollution, for a more intense global purifying effect. Ideal for asphyxiated and fatigued skins due to the lack of oxygen that are constantly found in urban environments.

Suitable For

For all skin types.

How To Use

Apply and spread the serum on the face with a small massage.

City Pollution Block gel – cream + O2

Gel-Cream that provides a unique, light and fresh sensation immediately for mixed or oily skin, suffocated and fatigued by lack of oxygen. Creates a protective film on the face that maintains the hydration of the skin and helps recover its It helps skin oxygenation and protects the skin with a barrier effect against environmental pollution.

Suitable For

For oily skins.

How To Use

Apply with a gentle massage on the face, neck and clean cleavage. Do not apply to eyes or mucous membranes.

City Pollution Block Cream +O2

Facial revitalizing cream for normal and dry skin that is suffocated and fatigued due to lack of oxygen.” Formula with high content of Perfluorodecalina, molecule traps oxygen, its formula combines actives of oxygenating, prebiotic and protection against environmental pollution, For a ruminant revivifying oxygenating effect.

Suitable For

Combination, Dry and Normal skins.

How To Use

Put a small dose of cream on your fingertips, close your eyes and apply on eyelid line and gently massage performing a raising curved movement.

Skeyndor New Power Mask

Enhanced with aesthetics ingredients to revitalize your skin


Its creamy clay texture with small exfoliating particles detoxifies and purifies the skin.

Its special anti-pollution and oxygenating formula helps eliminate impurities and pollutants from the skin pores.


Scrub and external purifier
Smooth skin in good condition


Apply to face and neck by means of a gentle exfoliating massage. Leave for 5 minutes, remove with a tissue and rinse with water. Recommend applying the product 1 or 2 times per week.


Charcoal, Icelandic volcanic sand (peeling), Perfluorodecalin and Tropaeolum Majus extract which supply and transport oxygen to the skin, Thermal spring water from the south of France, with remineralising and soothing action, Witch hazel toner with astringent, pore-tightening effect.

Power Oxygen (02) Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block

Discover Power Oxygen (02) Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block

Suitable for : Age 20 above

Suitable Skin Conditions:
For all skin types, especially asphyxiated and/ or stressed skin.

1. Pre O2 Massage Gel

  • Remineralising activator massage gel. Ideal for preparing the skin.
  • Main Ingredient:Palmaria Palmata extract, Aspartate of Mg, Glucanate of Zn and Cu.

2. Pure O2 Spray 5%

  • Intensive invigorating spray, with pure oxygen and perfluorodecalin, oxygen trapping molecule.
  • Main components:Oxygen (60% v/v), Perfluorodecalin 5%.

3. Post O2 Concentrate

  • Facial concentrate capable of boosting oxygenation and stimulating oxygen transport.
  • Main components: Tropaeolum Majus (Garden Nasturtium) extract.

4. Detox Face Mask

  • Impregnated face mask veil that helps detoxify the skin and protect it against oxygen-free radicals.
  • Main components: Malachite extract, Vitamin B3, Liposomal Lepidium Sativum.

5. Pro Defence Cream

  • Anti-pollution face and neck cream. Combines a flora prebiotic promoter with a filmogenic agent that is protective against environmental pollution.
  • Main components: GUM-4 Biosaccharide (Envrionmental protector > 2 MDa), Prebiotic oligosaccharides.