Probiome Peel

Give your skin a new lease of life


The only range of professional peels that regenerates and cares for your skin.

What is a chemical peel?

It is an aesthetic medical treatment that helps to eliminate damaged and ageing cells from the face and stimulates cell regeneration, achieving a new and rejuvenated skin.

10 Reasons to have a peel:

1. Improves skin texture and tone.
2. Helps skin look smoother.
3. Provides greater luminosity.
4. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines.
5. Combats pigmentation problems.
6. Helps to eliminate dark spots.
7. Improves acne.
8. Helps to close pores.
9. Reduces the appearance of scars.
11. Multiplies the effectiveness of face care products.

Protect the Powerful microbiome that lives on your skin

Our body is home to an invisible beneficial ecosystem of bacteria, microbiome. Exposure to chemical peels affects the microbiome and leaves the skin vulnerable and exposed to external aggressions.

To counteract this effect, PROBIOME PEEL treatment complements the regenerative power of acids with an innovative multibiotic complex that restores the skin’s balance.

The Probiome Peel

Four phases for revitalising each skin type

Phase 1. Pre-peel

Prepares the skin so that an acid peel can be applied more safely and efficiently. This is done with the Pre-Peel Solution, a degreasing lotion, and Pre-Peel Balm, a protective balm for sensitive areas.

Phase 2. Personalised Peel

The phase where the skin is renewed and regenerated intensely and safely. Five different types of peels have been developed for this: Hydra Soothing, deep hydration for sensitive skin; Ultra Illuminating, instant brightness for dull skin; Advanced Lightening, depigmentation for blemished skin; Pore Polishing, pore refining for oily skin; and Age Smoothing, to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

Phase 3. Post-Peel

This is the phase that neutralises the action of the acids, recovering the hydrolipidic film and rejuvenating the skin with the Post-Peel Mask Solution, a neutralising skin conditioner, and the Skin Revitalizing Booster, a multivitamin treatment.

Phase 4. Care and Protection

This is the final phase of the treatment, which repairs the skin microbiome and restores the feeling of comfort to skin sensitised by peel treatments. This phase is carried out using Multibiotic Restoring Complex, for restoring the skin microbiome, and Skincare Make Up DD Cream Age Defense SPF50.


Professional Salon treatment

Discover Professional salon treatment

Step 1 – Pre Peel (Preparation Of The Skin)

  • Your skin is prepared with a rigorous protocol for maximum effectiveness and safety of the treatment

Step 2 – Peel (Personalised Treatment)

  • Your beauty salon professional will recommend and perform the peel that best suits your skin’s needs and skin type

Step 3 – Post Peel (Skin Recovery)

  • Your skin is nourished with multivitamins to boost the renewing and revitalising effects of the peel.

Step 4 – Care and Protection (Final Skin Treatment)

  • To finish the treatment, your skin is cared for with Multibiotic Restoring Complex to restore the microbiome and protect it from external aggressions.

Step 5 – 7 Days Restoring Treatment Kit (Day and Night Home Treatment)

  • Continues to regenerate and restore your skin in the days following exfoliation.