Urban White

Slowing down the development of melanin at a breakthrough genetic level


Urban White delivers exceptional brightening, whitening, hydrating and age-defying benefits. It creates an immediate polished and refined complexion for truly remarkable, luminous skin.

Its advanced formula stimulates collagen, improves elasticity and evens out and brightens skin tone, significantly reducing UV inhibited hyper-pigmentation.

It also provides a protective barrier that filters out the sun’s harsh rays and slows down the development of melanin.

Genetic despigmentation

Its action mechanism reduces the expression of the genes responsible for melanin inhibiting the action of MITF a transcription factor. TGF –b1 is the biomimetic peptide which inhibits the action of the MITF

Amphoteric Acid Complex

URBAN WHITE associates a patented alpha-hydroxide release system, the AHCs, for sustained exfoliation, without irritation. This association succeeds in unifying the skin tone more quickly, and improves the absorption and activity of the depigmenting agents.

As opposed to traditional skin lightening substances, the biological depigmenting
agents are:
1. Non-cytotoxic
2. Not photosensibilising products, and are ideal for treating sensitive
3. Not irritating on the skin

Active ingredients: Phenylethyl Resorcinol and phenolic derivatives.

Urban White - Retail Products

Brighten and help whiten skin

New Skin Foaming Cleanser

A cleansing mousse with lactic acid combined with arginine. A patented system for releasing AHAs that gives sustained renovation, without irritation. When used every day, deeply cleanses skin impurities and stimulates new epidermis synthesis.

Active Ingredients 

Lactic, arginine.

Suitable For

Renovating treatment indicated for all skin types: dry skin, combination skin and oily skins.

How To Use

Apply to wet skin with gentle movements. Remove with plenty of cold water. It contains glycolic acid or α-hydroxyacids.

Overnight Serum

Depigmentation serum designed to improve the appearance of skin spots or acne marks. Its concentrated formula helps renovate the epidermis, unifying the skin tone and softening tiny skin flaws.

Active Ingredients 

Lactic, arginine, TGF-β biomimetic peptide encapsulated in liposomes, aminoethylphosphinic acid.

Suitable For

Its whitening action is indicated for all skin types, especially combination and oily skins.

Shield Hand Cream

A treatment formula for hands with aged skin and skin spots. Contains three active ingredients which unify the skin tone, redensify its appearance and counteract the aesthetic damage caused by the sun and tobacco (tar, toxic agents,etc). With PF15 protection.

Active Ingredients 

Phenylethyl Resorcinol (alternative to kojic acid), Dictyopteris, Urban pollution protector.

Suitable For

Hand cream indicated for aged skins.

How To Use

After normal washing, spread a fine layer over the hands.

Spots Eraser Cream

With a specific formula containing wide-spectrum de-pigmentation agents created to quickly lighten the tone of all types of skin spots or pigmentation. Apply only to pigmented areas.

Active Ingredients 

Phenylethyl resorcinol and phenol derivatives, aminoethylphosphinic acid, TGF-β biomimetic peptide encapsulated in liposomes.

Suitable For

Whitening cream indicated for all skin types.